Painting Process: Cyberpunk Painting 017

Another process post. As always, these are painted in Photoshop, 12"x18", 30dpi.

Starting with this illustration of Erin from last summer. I created the hazard stripe pattern on her left forearm, as that is one of my favourite bits of contemporary urban graphics.

Creating the various separate layers for different elements. As always, the colours representing the various layers have no relation to the final colour choices.

Creating a basic urban building pattern for the background.

The initial painting on the background is done. I'm thinking that Erin will primarily be in warm tones.

I am a sucker for red hair, and I haven't done it much with these robots. So here we go.

I really wanted to put a lot of focus on the details in the gun. It is heavily modified from the version she was actually carrying, including removing most of the barrel.

Starting metal modelling.

More elements of the metal modelling done.

Metal modelling complete, background colouring tweaked and made a bit cooler, some effects applied.

Final adjustments made, including emphasising the eye and targeting glows.

Prints of this piece can be purchased at this link.