Painting Process: Cyberpunk Painting 016

I love playing with the notion of giant robots. Yes, I was a huge Robotech and Battletech fan back in the day*.

Starting with a photo of Lisa, I decided to build up a towering cyberpunk-style city around her, including a couple of VTOL craft for scale.

It really required a foreground element to complete the sense of scale, hence the traffic light.

Designing the robot pattern.

Foreground elements and robot layers created.

Cityscape and VTOL layers created.

Background basics painted in. It is really reminding me of 80's-era Heavy Metal magazine at this point. Which really works, as I loved reading the magazine back then (I still like it, to be honest).

Foreground buildings and some fog effects added in.

Basics of the light stand painted in. I wanted to leave it until more of the piece was painted before deciding which light on the traffic light was going to be illuminated.

Basic robot modelling completed, and more fox effects for depth.

Polishing the robot, adding in spotlights from the ground, and lighting up her eyes. I also decided to go with the amber, warning the viewer to proceed with caution. Or something.

VTOL craft painted, the sign on the traffic light darkened, and rain added in over the whole piece.

*Oh, who am I kidding, I would still play in a Battletech game today!