Painting Process: Cyberpunk Painting 015

I'm skipping ahead here. Technically, Cyberpunk Painting 014 should be done next, but I'm actually doing that Painting Process as a video. Instead, I'll talk about this one right now.

Erin had come up with the idea of an armed robot with some sort of cybernetic robot or other attack hound, and I liked that. I also realized that some shots I had taken of my assistant, Kelsie, from our most recent shoot had a similar flavour to the 'attack hound' idea, so I went looking for reference. I found a shot of Erin standing with a rifle from a shoot we did last summer, and mocked the two pieces together like this.

Here's the robot design for the two characters. Kelsie definitely lost a lot of her humanity in this image, which really works.

The background and setting dropped in. There are several different influences happening here, including the movie Aliens and the tabletop game Battletech.

Colour layers for Erin created.

Colour layers for Kelsie created.

Foreground and setting colour layers created. At this stage, I knew that there had to be a red glow under Erin's feet as a very mild light source.

Armoured Personnel Carrier and Mobile HQ colour layers.

Building and sky layers for depth.

Painting back-to-front, the basics of the sky and building are modelled. 

The two vehicles modelled as well, going with the cool theme back there. Because I knew I wanted a red light under Erin, the cool background/warm foreground split was already decided for me.

The setting modelled, with most of the lighting being from that red floor. Very 80's.

Kelsie's cybernetic hound modelled.

Erin's rifle modelled. I took care to make certain it was a bit bigger than the one she used in the initial photo so that it would stand out against that truck behind her.

I really love those boots. And they do belong to Erin.

The robotic parts of Erin modelled.

Highlights and polishing added in, as well as light sources on the eyes. For all the prep work involved, this was a very straightforward piece to work on.