Keycon 2014 Panels And Programming I'm At

So, with this weekend being Keycon here in Winnipeg, I thought I'd point out what panels and such that I will be talking at over the three days.

Oh, apparently this is all subject to change (as happens at all events like this), but this is what it's listed as on the programming grid as of today:

11am Saturday, Ambassador C, Western Comics vs Manga - a panel where another panelist and I discuss the differences and similarities between Manga and Western comic book tradition. I know a bit about manga, enough to discuss the storytelling in it, and how it compares with western books (and I know a fair amount about those), so this should be a fun discussion.

2pm Saturday, Ambassador C, For Exposure: When (and when not) To Do Artwork For Free - this is a panel where I discuss some good guidelines on when it is appropriate to do artwork for free, what 'free' means, and what to stay away from. This is heavily inspired by my experiences, the experiences of other artist friends and colleagues of mine, as well as the excellent For Exposure Twitter account. Really, you need to check out that account, it is fantastic to see what some folks think is appropriate when asking for artists to work for free. Just mind-boggling.

3pm Saturday, Terrace East, Sparking Creativity. I will be part of a panel of artists and authors discussing things that can aid in sparking creativity in artistic endeavours.

11am Sunday, Ambassador C, An Hour With Ian Sokoliwski. What with me being the Artist Guest of Honour at the show, I guess this will be me talking about my history in art, stuff that I like to work on, and whatever subjects pop into my head. Come and listen to me blather on about Iron Man and female robots. Oh, apparently there is an autograph session afterwards. I've never done one of those, so I dunno who will show up for that. So...listen to me blather on more about Iron Man and female robots, I suppose? Maybe some Grand Theft Auto V or something as well.

2pm Sunday, Terrace East, How To Pin-Up. This will be another larger panel with photographers and models discussing pin-up modelling and photography. They've asked me to be part of this discussion, even though my artwork is just a bit different from traditional pin-up style. I'll be bringing along my assistant, Kelsie, to that one so we can both discuss my particular procedures and how they differ from other styles.

In addition to all these panels, at 10pm on Friday, I will be involved in the Subgenres panel in Ambassador C, discussing my work on a short vampire-themed comic book to be produced in conjunction with a vampire ball happening here in November. Also, I will have artwork (original pencil illustrations) in the Art Show and auction, as well as periodically being at a table in the Dealer's Room in Ambassador H, when I'm not speaking at panels or at other events, such as the opening and closing ceremonies.

Also, starting at 6pm on Saturday in Ambassador H, I will be one of the judges in the costume contest and Masquerade. I'm really looking forward to this, as I haven't judged a costume contest in a few years!

So, yeah, this will be quite a busy weekend. If you can't find me in the Dealer's Room to buy my prints (although Kelsie will be there sometimes when I'm not...except when she will also be at panels with me), I'm somewhere in the show. I shouldn't be all that hard to find. Also, check out all the other panels and the other artwork in the Art Show - you are certain to find something that you will like!