Painting Process: Cyberpunk Painting 013

Another blog post in my series regarding my painting process. All these paintings are done at 12"x18", 300dpi.

The initial sketch of my assistant, Kelsie. I knew I wanted a really high-contrast robot angel piece, something apocalyptic, with a very imposing figure in the foreground and destruction and fire in the background.

Colour layers laid down. Even at this stage, I knew the background would be primarily reds and oranges, but I still left the red layer here for all of the Glass Energy sections on her, just to have them stand out to me for the time being.

Background painted. Very simple design, I wanted the feel of destruction and fire more than needing to see much in the way of details of it.

Wings painted in. A hint of fog and dust to pull them away from the figure just a little bit.

Metal elements behind the Glass Energy layers painted in.

Remaining metal elements painted.

Glass Energy elements painted.

Some subtle tweaking of fog and colour effects behind the figure, bringing her out and making her even more prominent.

Dust and debris added in front of the figure.

Final touch-ups to everything dropped in.

Also, this image appears on the main poster design for Keycon 2014, a Science Fiction and Fantasy convention taking place here in Winnipeg on May 16, 17, and 18, where I've been invited to be the Artist Guest of Honour. So, if you are in town that weekend, check it out! I'll be speaking at a variety of panels on a large number of subjects over the weekend, as well as judging a costume contest and, of course, selling a lot of my artwork!