Painting Process: Cyberpunk Painting 012

This one is a bit more complex.

My friend Jamie and I had been knocking around the idea of a robot flying a hovercycle as something to do in one of my paintings or photographs, and roughly came to the notion of it being flown in front of a giant statue, to give the piece a sense of scale. Well, when we finally came to do that idea in a shoot a few months ago, she also came up with the idea of the statue based on the death god Kali, the visual of which she has always really liked. So, blending together a large series of photographs, I first drew out Jamie as Kali.

Going with my post-apocalypse world, I sketched in a rough cityscape behind her. To give the scene more depth, I also included another platform to drop in a different statue.

Then came the design of the robot and hoverbike. The robot was loosely based on the T-faced design I had done with her a while ago, but the hoverbike itself is drawn from far too many influences to itemize here. 

And here are the various elements brought together.

A quick sketch of another model on the platform gives even more scale to the size of Kali.

Basic colour layers are created for the robot, hoverbike, and statues, with space between the elements to allow for atmospheric effects.

Colour layers dropped in for the cityscape.

The cityscape roughly painted in. I knew I really wanted to lean heavily on atmospheric effects in this piece to really drive home just how large Kali is compared to the robot and hoverbike, so a huge amount of detail wasn't required on the background.

Kali and the other statue painted and some atmospheric effects put in behind Kali.

More fog and dust added, this time primarily in front of Kali. The difference in texture between the statues, background, and metal on the robot and hoverbike will really separate the elements in this piece, but a bit more dust helps that effect as well.

The hoverbike painted.

The robot painted, as well as colour tweaks done overall.