Painting Process: Cyberpunk Painting 011

Much more of a mix of textures in this one.

I love statues, especially ones that really tower over you. It's a theme I've been playing with in my work for the past couple of years, and want to continue to work with. Here, I've got two different models from three different shoots as the base for the two statues and the gas mask robot in a ruined landscape.

I dropped in the colour layers for the gas mask robot first, as she will have a much different texture from all of the other elements of this piece.

Statuary and foreground rubble layers added in.

Background layers added.

Modelling starts with the statues as everything will depend on how they end up looking. I'm going with a warm background and a cool foreground, so they end up almost having flesh tones to them at this step. 

Very warm background added in. It's all looking a bit too dark right now, so will need to be tweaked with atmospheric effects.

Foreground rubble painted and fog effects added in in front of and behind each completed element. There is more depth to the piece now, with the statuary becoming a bit more sinister as it looms out of the fog.

Metal modelling completed.

Glowing green eyes lit up, metal polished and tweaked, and additional foreground atmospheric effects added.

Also, I'm in the midst of another teaching contract right now, so new posts on this blog will be a little bit less frequent for the next three weeks. Unless I get really inspired.