Painting Process: Cyberpunk Painting 010

Another in my series of painting process posts.

I'm wanting to do a bit more work incorporating motorcycles into my work, starting with this one. The cycle design itself is loosely based on a couple of pre-World War II designs, as I wanted an older, military quality to the piece. For reference, my assistant Kelsie is sitting on a couple of ammunition boxes to get the proper placement and body language to build up the illustration from.

Basic colour layers dropped in.

I went with another disused factory floorspace for the setting, going with very saturated warm tones for the background. I knew going in that I was going to have a lot of green light sources on the bike and robot, so that would keep both elements very cool with regard to light and colour, and I also wanted a much darker feel overall to the setting on this piece.

Basic modelling on the robot completed. I've also desaturated the background a little bit.

Motorcycle elements behind the robot have been modelled.

More modelling completed on the motorcycle. All of the motorcycle parts that have been modelled up until now were on layers that were below those of the robot - I like working in sequence like that.

Remaining metal parts of the motorcycle painted. More colour tweaking overall, and the background has been made darker.

The green light sources have been turned on, wires and cables added to the background, and a dust/fog effect added both behind and in front of the robot and cycle.

In a few weeks, I will be posting a video of the creation of one of these pieces, starting with the initial photograph of the model being used, breaking down the whole process even further.