Painting Process: Cyberpunk Painting 008

Another post in my series about my basic painting process. Like always, these are done in Photoshop 5.5, 12"x18", at 300dpi, in RGB.

During one of the many outdoor shoots I did with Erin in the summer of 2013, she decided to scamper up a tree. Now, the last thing I will ever ask a nude model to do is to climb a just seems like asking for trouble. However, since she decided to do that on her own, I went ahead and took some photos of that. This particular pose jumped out at me as something that would work really well with wings, so that became the inspiration for the piece. Rather than a tree, however, I was thinking of continuing with the destroyed world that this painting series has been focussing on, and have it be a beat-up girder of some sort.

Colour layers laid down.

Developing the background. I figure that the scene is taking place up very high in a destroyed city. I had been wondering about putting other figures in the closest building, but eventually dropped that notion.

Starting painting on the background. I knew I wanted to go with a warm background and a cool background, but was unhappy with the magenta in that skyline.

Tweaking the background colour to more of an amber, and painting the base modelling for the girder. The depth is definitely falling into place here.

Continuing with my back-to-front theme, Erin's left leg and wing is painted first.

Right wing painted, and also tweaking the colour on the metal to make it more of a cool tone.

Her chest and part of her right leg painted. All of these layers were 'below' the layers for the glass energy containers, so I wanted to do them before the elements that were 'above' them.

Remaining metal modelling completed.

Glass energy containers modelled and the metal shined up.

A bit more fog effects added in to give the piece a bit more depth.

And that's the piece. All told, it probably took about sixteen hours. The piece can be viewed, and prints of it purchased, at this link.