Painting Process: Cyberpunk Painting 007

This should have been a Bond-themed painting...

During my shoot with Lisa back in August of 2013, I had decided that part of it would take place in a tub. I really love working with water effects, and that would work as a way to have a starting place for the water textures and reflections in whatever paintings and photographs I was putting together. Part way through the shoot, Lisa decided to sit in such a way that the water from the faucet was pouring down onto her right shoulder, cascading down over the rest of her. I loved the effect, and that is where this pose developed from.

Colour layers dropped in. At this point, I'm starting to think about scale, about perhaps having her being much larger than human-sized, perhaps filling a disused factory floor or something.

Dropping in the background layer. The factory/warehouse floor is giving it a more nebulous scale - because I didn't include any other figures, she could be human scale or she could be much larger. Frankly, It ended up working for me, so that was fine. I also dropped in broken pipes and wiring coming down from the ceiling, which would carry the water down onto her shoulder.

Basic modelling done on the background. I knew I wanted to go with a green background, meaning that Lisa would have to be full of warm tones.

Basic metal modelling completed on most of the figure. As this whole project continues, I've developed a pattern of painting all metal on robots on a neutral/cool grey colour, which will be changed to whatever tone more accurately reflects my intent in storytelling in the painting.

Adjusting the contrast on the metal as well as warming up the figure.

Water painting completed, as well as adding in some rust effects on Lisa. The rust was important as to convey a sense of age to the figure, and to reinforce the damage caused by immersion in the liquid.

Adding in the water pouring onto the figure. The pattern started with the pattern visible in the initial photograph, but I distorted and redirected it a lot depending on the metal structure I had created on the figure. While still translucent, this liquid clearly isn't just composed of water. Probably a lot of oil and other machinery fluids in there.

Metal modelling on the foreground leg completed.

Colour tweaking and rust effects added to the foreground leg, as well as overall lighting effects and polishing added to complete the image.

There will be at least one more tub-themed image from that shoot that will come up in a painting in the next little while - that whole shoot went very well, and there was too much good material to not revisit it again.