Painting Process: Cyberpunk Painting 006

Another post on my process painting one of my digital pieces.

The photo used for reference here was one of Erin, taken one day out in Bird's Hill Park near Winnipeg. The setting was a fallen tree, one ripe as a horror movie, and provided a lot of inspiration for all of the wiring on her now and for my intention of a wasteland-style background. What really inspired this piece the most, however, was the way that her spine was emphasized in the original photo, and how I could use that as a base to have all the wiring come from.

Flat colour layers laid down.

Starting in on the background. The placement of the trees in the original photographed informed my placement of the metal posts I'm adding in here, roughing in the general sense of shape and depth to the background.

Background further developed. In the past year, when I do photo shoots with models, I'll typically do one short sequence of poses where I'm shooting video of the model rather than photographs, getting them to crouch and walk in a jerky, creepy manner. The intent of this is to create basic creepy shapes to put in the background of pieces like this, ones where I'm not needing high-resolution images, but low-resolution gesture poses that I can paint over quickly.

Foreground painting added in.

Metal modelling partially completed. Typically, a major anatomical piece on the model that is further forward in space from the rest of the model (such as Erin's left arm here) will be on its own dedicated set of layers above the rest of the figure.

Primary metal modelling completed.

Glass energy effects painted in, metal polishing completed, and additional background effects dropped in.

And there you have it. As always, prints of this piece are available for purchase at this link.