Painting Process: Cyberpunk Painting 005

I should probably start coming up with more individual names for these pieces...

Initial illustration. The layout for the internal mechanisms can get pretty complicated - I try to keep in mind how the various pieces interlock, depending on the sort of robot I'm building.

Basic colour layers dropped in. With these 'glass energy' pieces, I try to keep the glass energy parts themselves as the bottom layer, with all the metal painted above them.

Background and colour scheme being established. I wanted a barn-like interior space to contrast with the mechanical look of Marie here.

More background details and barn door created. I decided to drop in skull-like pieces on the shelves.

Wiring is a really common element for me to work with. It adds depth to a piece while also integrating the character into the background.

Metal modelling completed. Still needing to tweak the colour of the metal.

Modelling on the wires done, and colour and lighting adjustments being made to the metal.

I like to take cues from the models with regard to a lot of elements in these pieces. In this case, I know that purple is Marie's favourite colour, so I went with that for the glass energy effects.

Polish and lighting effects added in.

Additional lighting effects to the background and foreground fog effects dropped in.