Painting Process: Cyberpunk Painting 004

Here's where two different styles merge together.

Here's the basic illustration. The inspiration for this piece is that Lisa, one of the models, had this large antique syringe and wanted to incorporate that into a shoot. So we played around with some poses where she seemed to be using it on Rena, the other model here, in a threatening or sinister manner, eventually coming up with this design. This seemed to work well with the development of my 'glass energy' style of robot, so I took it as an opportunity to show the world of my previous robot style mixing and interacting with the world of this new style.

Basic colour layers dropped in. The only colour element shared is the red from the 'glass energy' motif, showing Lisa either adding to or taking from the energy/fluid in Rena.

Developing the background. As Lisa had wiring going up to the ceiling of her workspace, I kept adding to that idea with more and more hanging wirings and tubing.

Metal modelling on Lisa beginning. I concentrated on making certain that the metal on the syringe would be a different colour palette than the metal on Lisa so it would stand out, and not just from the red energy fluid. Continuing to develop the background to give it depth.

Metal modelling complete on Lisa, and more lighting effects added to push her behind Rena a bit.

Metal modelling on Rena completed. As with the metal on the syringe, I gave Rena a much warmer colour palette than Lisa to further separate them in space.

Metal polishing and energy effects added to Rena, and the piece is given some overall touch-ups to complete it. 

As always, prints of the final version can be purchased at this link.