Painting Process - Cyberpunk Painting 003

Here's another post on my painting process.

Here's the initial layout. My friend Jamie and I had been discussing a shoot based around a robot character whose arms had been replaced by weaponry - perhaps she could replace and rebuild them in the field, based on the sort of weapon she required for a given circumstance. I had completed one of these photos a few months ago, but then decided to do another piece from the same shoot based around this 'glass energy' motif in these latest pieces. I also really wanted to do something with the notion of an ammunition belt coming down from one of the weapon-arms, giving even more drama and dynamism to the pose.

Colour layers dropped in. Like in all of these, the various colours all indicate different layers, rather than intent of final colour scheme.

Colour layers for the ammunition belt dropped in. It seemed easier to leave this for the end of the process.

Starting do develop the background. I knew it had to be a war-torn setting, and there ends up being a very cold look to the setting as well. 
In addition, I wanted to create several creepy figures in the background, denizens of the world in which she is fighting. These figures came about due to another part of my photography process. Periodically, when doing a shoot, I will take a brief video of the models walking or crawling in a creepy, disjointed manner. Images from those videos will never be of high enough quality to be finished photo pieces on their own, but provide fantastic bases for ghost or creepy out-of-focus imagery. In this case, as everything is just being painted, rather than being altered from a photograph, I was able to use them as the base for these creepy humanoid figures crawling amongst the wreckage. And my friend Erika has wonderful body language with regard to looking creepy, so her video has would up being a great source for material like this.

Basic background modelling and colours complete. I still tweak the colouring further later in the process, depending on the colours chosen for the foreground figure, but this is a great place to start.

Primary metal modelling completed. She is far too warm a colour scheme for the final version, but that will be tweaked as more modelling is completed.

Glass energy modelling completed. The piece is really starting to come together now.

Ammunition belt modelling completed. Also working out some colour tweaks to both the background and the central figure, adding in a mild cool light source to the left of the image.

Painting completed. Polish and shine added everywhere, background colour adjusted a bit. 

Prints of the original piece can be seen and purchased at this link.