Painting Process - Captain Marvel

Today, I'm going to break down the steps involved in my recent painting of Captain Marvel.

My initial idea had been to work on an image of a super hero on a destroyed planet, very much a sci-fi type of scene, walking out of a storm. I had been seeing the new Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, for a while now, and had been wanting to work on an illustration of that costume, so the two came together rather nicely, especially with the long history of Captain Marvel as one of Marvel Comics' more cosmic and space-faring heroes. So here is my initial layout for the piece.

I have all of the various colour layers set up separately. As you can see, even things like the blue parts on her costume are set up on a few different layers to make painting easier.

Starting in on painting the moon. I went considerably darker than I would want the final piece to be, as I knew that the storm effects would lighten the harsh shadows.

Basic blasted cityscape painted in, plus starting in on the storm in the background.

A lot more storm effects as well as more ground painting. It's best to build these sorts of effects up over several layers for easier manipulation and adjustment.

Usually I like to paint all of the same colour on a figure at the same time, even if that colour is separated into different layers, as I have done with the blues here. Those pastel shades earlier were just to show where the colouring was to happen, but not actually representing the (almost black) colour scheme I'm going with.

Painting the reds now. I have some reference photos of one of the models I work with regularly in the background to check lighting and mass on the figure.

The figure modelling is completed here, waiting for some additional atmospheric effects.

And more wind-blown destruction and debris added in, making it look like Carol has been through a huge storm. 

And that's the finished piece. I really like this costume design, looking quite militaristic (which fits with the character name), and enjoyed working with it. 

For information on commissioning a piece like this one, take a look at my website.