Painting Process - Cyberpunk Painting 002

Here's another of my work-in-progress entries.

I really like working with more 'heroic' angles on figures, even with people who already have a fairly 'heroic' look to them. The original photo used for reference for this piece is of Erin, and she is just over six feet tall, definitely giving her a heroic stature. It was here in the layout phase that I decided to add more of the 'energy glass' pieces, in both her legs and forearms.

Colour layers created. As before, each different colour is a separate layer, rather than representing the final colour scheme. As it was, I had already been thinking about going with reds for the energy glass sections, but just dropped in yellows to separate them from the metals.

Painting in the background. I wanted a church-like, gothic look, with bats or angels coming down from the clouds. Nothing overly-detailed, just enough visual information to convey setting but not to interfere with the figure.

Starting the metal modelling. Generally, I lump all of the layers for foreground limbs and body parts into nearby layers, which is why the right arm is still in flat colours - all of those layers were behind the main body layers. Also, because I had figured out that the colour scheme for the metals were towards the bronze look, I also changed the energy glass layers to red just to make sure that scheme held up with the blue background.

Main body metal modelling completed. It still has something of a matte finish, and needs polish. Also, all of the yellow dots have been left as they will be small light sources all over the body. If anything, the figure is jumping too far forward out of the background, so I will be tweaking the metal colour to push it back a bit more, letting it live in the same world as that background.

Metal polishing completed, glass and energy effects painted in, small light sources added, and the colour tinted and pulled back. I added in a slight neutral colour from the legs up to deal with that issue of it jumping too far out of the background.

And that's pretty much that for this piece. I did add lips to the figure, where the previous one in this series didn't have them, to humanize the character a bit more. I'm still determining who or what these alternate robots are in relation to my previous robot series, but it's a lot of fun to develop.

Prints of the finished piece are available for purchase at this link.