Galleries and Social Media

I figured I'd put together a list of the various places on the internet where me and my artwork can be found. Because why not. - My website, featuring select examples of my artwork, a brief bio, and, well, links like this one.

Comic Art Fans - my gallery at Comic Art Fans, featuring mostly my comic book-styled colouring, illustrations, and digital painting. I post a few of my robot photos, but it's mostly for more comic-book themed work.

RedBubble - my gallery at RedBubble, where prints and t-shirts of most of my photography (as well as some digital paintings) can be purchased.

DeviantArt - you know, I don't really know why I still have a dA account, but there you go. I do update it quite a bit, but I rarely look around the community myself.

Facebook - this is a page for my photography, but I've also posted some paintings and pencil illustrations here as well. If you are on Facebook, go here and 'like' this page!

Twitter - follow me and watch me be a cranky old man.

Tumblr - I'm not quite sure that I quite 'get' Tumblr, but I do post my artwork (photography, mostly) here on a regular basis.

Illustration Blog - probably my 'primary' blog, where I post illustrations, paintings, some photography, videos, tutorials, discussions about conventions, stuff like that.

Photography Blog - more dedicated to my photography, there are other discussions on there as well.

Videos Blog - all of my videos in one location. You can find tutorials, artwork videos, convention appearances, that sort of thing on here.

Model Mayhem - I had been encouraged to get a Model Mayhem account for my photography. So here it is. I don't really do much with it aside from messaging back and forth with models and other photographers. If you have an account there, hit me up with a friend request.

That's it, I believe. Mostly, I update stuff via my Twitter account the most, but new content goes up on most of these places fairly regularly (RedBubble, CAF, and my blogs the most), so have a look around.