Cyberpunk Painting 005

I've had people wanting me to talk more about thoughts and ideas behind these pieces but, honestly, I'm generally happier just letting the piece speak for itself. Quite often, it's more interesting to hear what other people think are happening in a piece rather than me trying to tell them what the 'real' story is.

Quite often, when working on a painting or a photograph, I send work-in-progress images of it (the ones that I'll be posting here as a fairly regular thing, I'm thinking on Mondays) to my friend Jamie, as part of our daily email conversations. In those conversations, sure, sometimes I will discuss what I'm going for, but usually just on a technical level, rather than any sort of story level. Sometimes she will respond with her own ideas about the story unfolding, however, and that story she is seeing will often be one that I hadn't been seeing. This piece is an excellent example of that, as she came up with an interesting interpretation of the painting once I added in the wires and cables coming out of the robot's back.

Prints of this piece are available for purchase at this link.