Armed Cyberpunk Robot Work-In-Progress

Once in a while, when I'm working on a photo, I will make up a series of work-in-progress images of it to show the model the process. This time, I've decided to post those photos here on this blog about this image.

It's obvious here that the model and the background were two separate photographs, at least from the lack of shadows under her feet. So that would be an important element to correct. However, the overall lighting in both the figure and the background lined up pretty well, so there wouldn't be any major changes there.

I played around with contrast and tweaking background colours to create more depth, also going with my overall style of desaturating all non-blood-related colours in my photographs.

The hair is completed and all the exterior metal plating has had a metal treatment done to it, with the slight ridges above and below the metal plates painted in to give the plating more individual mass. All the interior skeletal structure are in neon and pastel colours just to remind me that I haven't painted those parts yet.

The skeletal structure is completed on most of the figure. The reason this part was done before the right arm is that the right arm exterior plating was actually on a separate layer so that I could fill in the plating behind it more easily. It's also why I was using neon colours of a different type (oranges instead of blues) for the skeletal structure, as that was also a different series of layers).

The figure has basically been completed and lightened overall to better fit into the composition of the background.
Glowing eye effects, more reflective effects across the figure, and additional background tweaks to fully bring all the various elements.

Being that this was ultimately based on something I had drawn out about twenty-three years ago, I have to say this is fast becoming a personal favourite photograph of mine.

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