MECHANICALS - a Cyberpunk/Cybergoth video

This is my video, MECHANICALS, featuring some of the robot and cyborg photography that I've done in the past three years.

This is a cross-section of my robot and cyborg photography from 2010 to very early 2013. All of these images are available for sale as prints - please visit my website for more information.

This features the models Jamie Isfeld, Jessie Ventura, Nadine Peloquin, Victoria Free, Tina Maria Mandzij, Cody Clark, Nikki, Nikola Ceplis-Gibson, Marie Chicoine, Erin Bell, and Kathryn Sahara Taylor, with modeling and other help by my assistant, Kelsie Scott.

The audio track, They Forget The Tab At The Way To The Station, is used with the generous permission of Eric San Juan - more of his music can be found at