Comic Convention

So, we did a comic convention here in Winnipeg at the start of November this year. I sold a bunch of stuff, did a bunch sketches, took a bunch of photos, and even shot a bunch of video.

Here are some of the sketches that I did:

I always get at least one request for Rom: Spaceknight by the same guy, so this year I finished up one before the convention started.

Spider-Man is always popular.

There was a guy cosplaying as Professor X, so it inspired this.

I don't do enough illustrations of Guardian from Alpha Flight. I keep thinking that I should do a full painting of him someday.

My favourite X-Man, Colossus!

Batman is great for playing with harsh black and white.

I was asked by one con-goer to do an Iron Man sketch inside his JLA/Avengers hardcover. And, yes, that is a George Perez Captain America sketch right above it!

Kelsie seems inspired by the Thor picture.

Yes, Iron Man is always my default comic book character to sketch.

So, that first Rom sketch that I posted ended up getting purchased by someone other than the person who always requests them, and I ended up doing a second one. Which did get purchased by the correct person. Score!

Victoria is looking very concerned because I always look angry whenever I sketch Wolverine.

You can't really see much detail here, but I do like the planet design behind Superman there.

Yes, that is Iron Man. And, yes, he is using roller skates. They retract into his boots.

I prefer the triangular missile pod design for War Machine from the animated Iron Man movie that came out before the RDj version.

And here is the video that we shot, mostly narrated by Kelsie and Victoria, from the event. There are a lot of cosplay photos in it, photos of myself and my friend Jamie, and we get to find out the answer to the question 'what sound effect does Rom make?'