Cyberpunk Photography and William Gibson

I'm cross-posting this entry from my Photography blog, as I wanted to share the text (and photograph) here as well.

This is going to be a longer blog entry than normal, so you'll have to bear with me.

I am a huge fan of the writing of William Gibson, the author of pretty much my favourite novel, Neuromancer, which I first read in 1988. He is one of the few authors I had ever wanted to meet.

Well, back in 2007, he came to Winnipeg on a book tour, and he was speaking at three different events as part of the Thin Air Writer's Festival. I made a point of attending all three events, and even had a chance to talk to him briefly at each event (so much so that he even remembered my name at the third event), and he was very pleasant to talk to. I had asked him about the prevalence of artists in his writing, characters like Slick Henry from Mona Lisa Overdrive, among other things.

Now, the model in this piece, Jamie, was also present at the first event he spoke at. I had met Jamie at a local comic book convention (we both were appearing as artists there), and we knew each other enough to recognize, but hadn't really spoken a whole lot. I think it was only a few weeks later, at another convention, that we talked more (about some artwork that she had picked up at the show, if I recall correctly), but in the coming months, we began working together as part of another show. In the months and years that followed, we began hanging out more and more often, as we discovered we had a wide range of interests in common. One of which was a love of the work of Mr Gibson and much of the Cyberpunk aesthetic.

Now, ever since I began this whole Gothic Photography project, Jamie has been very interested and encouraging with it, offering a lot of advice and suggestions from her own photographic background, going so far as to even make some of her photography equipment available for my use. Periodically, we would even discuss her modeling for me, mostly in relation to the robot-based photography, a subject she is very interested in.

In the summer of 2011, Jamie first modeled for me, and we wound up doing some (I think) wonderful pieces together. Mostly Steampunk-style robots, with some more Cyberpunk-styled pieces in there (as well as a couple of doll photos). After the edits from that first shoot were completed, we discussed doing another shoot, something a bit more aggressive and action-based. This is my third edit from this shoot from January of this year, and it is the one I am happiest with thus far.

There is a strong Cyberpunk vibe to this piece - it's not that this character would necessarily appear in any of Mr Gibson's work (his creations are not generally so over-the-top), but it is imagery that quite possibly could appear as advertising in that work. There is, to me, a strong hint of Molly (a character from a few of his stories) in this character - in fact, in an upcoming edit, I am planning on doing an eye lens treatment on a photo of Jamie that will be much more in line with how I have always envisioned Molly's cybernetic eye coverings to be. I don't want to go so far as to recreate specific characters entirely, or even individual scenes, from his novels, but his influence definitely permeates much of my more robotic/cybernetic photography.

Anyway, that's it. As always, prints of this piece are available for sale at my Redbubble account or even from me directly.