Sort-of Gothic Photography

Last Friday, I was in attendance at the Anti-Social III where Marie Noelle and I were running a photo booth again. We still have yet to sit down together to go through all the photos to decide which ones will be edited and sent out to the people who purchased tickets for them, but I thought I would show some of the photos I took (mostly as lighting tests) of my lovely assistant Kelsie.

Kelsie gracefully worked as assistant to both Marie and myself at this event, which helped us immensely.

Readers of my Gothic Photography blog will know Marie as a frequent model that I work with, but she is also a wonderful photographer, and I very much enjoy working with her at these events. In fact, she had taken this photo of Kelsie and myself at the previous Anti-Social that we both worked at, and I really love this shot!

Finally, just to put faces to names, I thought I'd post this photo of Marie, myself, and Kelsie from a shoot we all did last summer down at the University of Manitoba.