Iron Man painting - Renaissance Armour

Another newly-completed Iron Man piece, this one is of Miss Potts (inexplicably carrying the briefcase armour) being less than impressed that her boss is flying off to hook up with that hussy Black Widow. Or something.
The main focus, of course, is Tony and his Renaissance Armour. This is the armour he wore in the late 90's, just after the Heroes Reborn storyline. Fun fact - back when I worked at Digital Chameleon, we were colouring Iron Man when he wore this armour. So, it is a bit of a nostalgic piece for me.

These latest pieces are all being done as prints for me for my art table at the 2010 Central Canada Comic Con, October 29th, 30th, and 31st. I'll have these pieces, some new examples of my gothic photography, and other artwork for sale. Check out the links for more information.