Dora from Questionable Content

As frequent readers of this blog may know, I spent much of the summer of 2009 photographing cosplayers. Since I got into my own Gothic Photography phase, however, I haven't done any of that. In the next few weeks, however, I'm looking to get back (in a small way) into that, mostly working with some of the models that have helped with my Gothic work.

Now, I am a big fan of the webcomic Questionable Content. It does remind me of my University days a lot (although our AnthroPC's were more rebuilt C0C02's and TI-99/4a's, but whatever), and some of my models are also into QC. So, a few of us are looking at potentially recreating some of the strips from the comic as cosplay shoots, and this is something of a 'dry run' on the characters.

Here we have my assistant Kelsie cosplaying as the post-Goth character Dora. The hair colour and shirt were redone in Photoshop, I freely admit, to better match the source material.