'Twisted Love Tales' is available.

Twisted Love Tales is an eBook I created the cover for a couple of months ago. It's just become available for sale on Amazon.com in it's Kindle version.

Product Description

Pure love can be a beautiful thing. But that's not what the stories in this book are about. These stories describe love at the opposite end of the spectrum from pure – they are tales of twisted love. Here you will find:

A tale of obsession by John Enck. Oh sure, many of us have been burned by love before. But how – and where – should you carry those scars?

A tale of near-pornographic (or “erotic” if you fancy) possession by S. R. Chandler. What would you do if you could have you way with someone you desire... with only one small string attached?

And finally, a good old-fashion love story by John Enck. Can man and wife and dog live happily ever after? Well, maybe two out of three ain't bad.

Make no mistake, these stories are not for the hopelessly romantic (or the easily offended). However if you shy away from the light of pure love you may take some comfort in the darkness found here.

Featuring illustrations by Ian Sokoliwski and Adam Szary this book is sure to be a treasure you'll want to hide so no one knows you actually read it.