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Iron Man 2020

Silver Centurion Iron Man

Arctic Wolf

Colouring John Byrne - The Avengers vs Darkseid

Paranoid Iron Man painting

Colouring John Byrne - X-Men vs Magneto

Tenshi painting

Poster design base

Hanners from Questionable Content

Iron Man painting - Iron Man vs Ultron

Iron Man painting - Renaissance Armour

Iron Man painting - MkVIII armour

Iron Man painting - Briefcase Armour

Iron Man painting - Space Armour

Iron Man painting - Stealth Armour

Iron Man painting - Silver Centurion

Iron Man painting - classic armour

Iron Man painting

Dark Angel - Process.

Colouring MC Wyman and Jay Leisten - Ghost

PrairieCon 32 Poster

Doll Story in PITCHED 2

Dora from Questionable Content

'Twisted Love Tales' is available.

Colouring John Byrne - Hawkeye vs Deathbird

Colouring Bob Layton - Iron Man

Iron Man Armoury and Miss Potts

Colouring John Byrne - Yellowjacket vs the Whirlwind


Colouring Joe Rubinstein - Batman and his Rogue's Gallery

Gothic Photography - Dolls

Colouring John Byrne - Manhunter vs Daredevil

Gothic Photography promotional video

Colouring John Byrne - The Mandarin (and others) vs the Avengers

Colouring Arthur Kayell - Marvel Girl and Cyclops

PrairieCon 2010 poster - colours

PrairieCon 2010 poster - inks