Tomb of Dracula Thursdays - page 10

Another very muted page. Although the dark red in Dracula's eyes is rather dramatic.

Quite often, the types of lights used in the first panel cast an orange glow - I wanted to utilize that in this scene to break up the snowy landscape, to add in the depth. I was tempted to reflect the light from the Eye of Agamotto onto the snow, but that light isn't indicated in the text anywhere. I'm led to believe that this light is not actually visible by anyone outside of Doctor Strange (and the viewer), and thus wouldn't be able to be reflected in the snow.

I went with greens in the skies on both the first and third panels to differentiate the blue/gray interior of the location where Dracula's coffin is located. I was tempted to use a more vibrant colour scheme around the coffin, hearkening to old Hammer films with heavily saturated side-lighting...but that would go against the painting style I've been using in this issue so far. I think I'm going to leave more intense lighting ideas for later in the story, where everything becomes more magical.

The only colour hold used here was on the light coming from Doctor Strange in the first panel.

This book was written by Marv Wolfman, with artwork by Gene Colan and Tom Palmer, and lettering by John Costanza.

See the original blog post about this project to learn more of the story behind why I'm colouring this issue.