Tomb of Dracula Thursdays - page 09

Reversing the approach I had taken on page 4, here Dracula and Wong are monochrome while Doctor Strange is in his regular colours. This matches up with the lineart (as Drac and his victim are the projections this time).

I did some strong glow effects here, all springing from the Eye of Agamotto. In the first two panels, where the Eye is being used to follow the trail, I've got a white/red glow, followed up with a yellow glow in the third panel. This indicates the shift in tactics, using the Eye to more closely watch what actually happened, rather than just following a trail. In the last panel, I'm using the off-panel glow as the light source in Doc's eye to strongly separate it from the phantom-Dracula-bat.

As an aside, I just couldn't resist the too-cutesy appeal of putting in the warm glows in the various windows in panel one. Besides, they contrast nicely with the rest of the nighttime scene.

This book was written by Marv Wolfman, with artwork by Gene Colan and Tom Palmer, and lettering by John Costanza.

See the original blog post about this project to learn more of the story behind why I'm colouring this issue.