Roxy Raygun 001 pencils

I've been working on a storyline for the past few years that I'm finally going to be going forward with in the next few months. Without going into any details, one of the 'running gags' in the story will be a series of sci-fi - styled war propaganda posters featuring the character of ROXY RAYGUN, part of the recruitment strategy of a future galactic government.

This is the penciled version of the first of these ROXY RAYGUN posters. There are a lot of elements shared here with the raygun guitars in my GUITAR GUN line - that was more of a case of working backward, as Roxy's design came first to me, but I explored some ideas with the Raygun Guitars.


Darren said…
Loving this Roxy Raygun line work. If I was being picky,she might look a little crossed eyed? Your color work looks cool too.
Ian Sokoliwski said…

Well, tweaks like that are easy to do in Photoshop. I do have a tendency to leave stuff like that as I go when I know I'm gonna be painting it in Photoshop later - as long as the individual elements work, I can change the placement later.

I'm more careful about that when the piece is meant only to be a pencil piece :)