Colouring John Byrne - The Avengers vs Count Nefaria

Another John Byrne piece that I don't think I've posted here before.

Here we've got the Avengers (Thor, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Captain America, Vision, Beast, and Yellowjacket) battling Count Nefaria.

Of particular interest for me was getting the Vision done right. I wanted to show that he was intangible (which is why his colours are faded and that you can see the window behind him right through him) which can be done in a variety of know, one thing I always liked about him in older comic books is that the colourist would use a lighter version of his colours when he was intangible. This created an interesting texture, as the pattern of the paper the book was printed on (this was back before comics were regularly printed on glossy stock) would come through in his colours. Thus, it always seemed that, when he became intangible, he took on the texture of newsprint.

I didn't go quite that far here, but I hope I caught the idea of that.

I'll tell you though, painting red on top of red on top of red like this, and having them all separate, can be a real challenge!