Some of my past interviews

In the next few weeks, I'm gonna be doing a couple of interviews with local media, mostly due to the 2008 Manitoba Comic Con.

So, thinking about this, I've decided to post some links to some of my previous interviews up here on the internet.

First, my interview on Comic Art Fans. Comic Art Fans is a fantastic resource for fans of comic book art, both to show off their original artwork collection and drool at the collections of others.

Second, my interview on the pop-culture website DVD In My Pants. DIMP is a pretty cool pop-culture site, and I really like how in-depth this interview came out.

Heh - and notice how, whenever the interviewer is asking question, the word colour is spelled the American way (color), whereas in my responses, it's spelled the Canadian way (colour).

There are a couple more out there, so Google away. These two are the most recent, however, and I really like how they came out.