Eleven years ago today

Monday, 25 August, 1997.

That was the very first day that I became a full-time professional artist. Ever since then, almost all of my living has been made from doing one sort of art or another.

I was 27 years old, and it was the day I went in for my second interview for a gig as a Digital Artist at Digital Chameleon. After a brief interview and an hour-long test in the early afternoon, I discovered after I got home later in the day that I got the job. In fact, I had to go back that same day to start an evening shift.

The first night shift was spent getting used to the whole system of painting, getting adjusted to Photoshop (version 3.0) the way it was used there, eventually tinkering with a page of Nightwing.

On my second day, I was placing flat colours on pages of Hellblazer. I think there was also an issue of the DC Tangent series Doom Patrol, but that might have been later in the week.

It wasn't too long before I completed my very first fully-painted page (not just laying down the flat colours for another artist to finish), a page from Adventures of Superman #553.

Note that this is the cover to that issue, not the particular page that I coloured. Surprisingly enough, I don't seem to have a copy of that book around the apartment so I could scan and post the page in question. Heh, however I do know my parents have a copy of it!

There have been a lot of ups and downs since then, a lot of great times and huge setbacks. Overall, however, it is pretty fair to say that my life changed forever on that day.

Here's to the next eleven years!