Colouring Gene Colan - Tomb of Dracula sequence

I'm a big fan of the work of Gene Colan - particularly on the Marvel Comics series Tomb of Dracula.

A few years ago, I had decided to do a little colouring experiment, something just for me (really, just a portfolio piece). I took a few black and white pages from the old Tomb of Dracula book (scanned from Volume One of the Essential Tomb of Dracula collection) and colour it in my own style.

Well, it isn't really the style I normally work in - rather, I decided to use a very lush, romantic look, something to work with the storytelling style of the artist.

Looking at it again, I'm still pleased with the results. There are a few things I would do differently today (perhaps ease off on the saturation of the background colours a bit), but overall I think it doesn't overpower or obscure the lineart, and enhances and works with the story being told nicely.

Here are the five pages:


Maureen Babb said…
These are lovely Ian. (I actually really love the high-saturation background!)

SUDDEN IMPORTANT QUESTION - On average, how long would you say it takes to colour a page?
Ian Sokoliwski said…
Thanks, Maureen :)

SUDDEN IMPORTANT ANSWER - I dunno, usually between one and three hours, depending on the style of art, how far I am into the project, stuff like that. We can talk more about that at the BBQ at your place in a couple of weeks :)