Colouring Bob Layton - Iron Man Website Illustration

This is one of the colouring jobs I'm most proud of. Not necessarily due to the quality of the colouring (although I like that too), but more due to the story around it.

A few years ago, I had coloured the cover of issue 2 of Shadowflame, which had been drawn by Bob Layton. Well, it turned out that Bob liked my colouring on that cover so much that he asked me to colour this piece, which was the image that appeared on the home page of his website for quite a while:

This was a really big deal for me. As I've said before, I am a huge Iron Man fan, and his tenure on the book (with David Michelinie) had made a huge impact on me as a kid. So, it was definitely one of those cases of an icon of my youth (sorry for the terminology, Bob) getting in touch with me to work with him!

This started a long-standing collaboration between us, working on commissioned pieces as well as the webcomic Colony.