Colouring Tom Morgan - two Iron Man pieces

Once in a while, I'll get a commission from a client wanting me to colour a piece of already-published artwork. Like these two pieces. Each of these Iron Man illustrations had originally been a panel in an issue of that book, and the client in questioned owns the original artwork.

I was asked to remove any word balloons and extra panels to make these images into free-standing illustrations, then paint them in my style.

These were both drawn by Tom Morgan.

The first piece uses the Modular Iron Man armour, outfitted with Medical modifications. I do believe he has been shrunk and is travelling in Captain America's bloodstream.

This next one features a suit of Arctic Iron Man armour.


Tom Morgan said…
Hi Ian, Nice color job! My work has never been so shiny!


Tom Morgan
Ian Sokoliwski said…
Thanks very much, Tom! It's always good to hear from the artist that I'm colouring :D