Colouring John Byrne - the Fantastic Four vs Super Skrull and the Mole Man

Colouring Bob Layton - Nano Iron Man MkII and new COLONY

Colouring John Byrne - Wolverine vs Captain America

Some of my past interviews

2008 Manitoba Comic Con magazine advertising

Colouring Bob Layton - Marvel Two-In-One #76 Variant Cover

'Less Than Kind' premieres October 13th, 2008

Eleven years ago today

Colouring John Byrne - Ant-Man

Colouring John Byrne - Wonder Man vs the Avengers

Colouring Gene Colan - Tomb of Dracula sequence

Colouring Bob Layton - Iron Man Website Illustration

My latest 2008 Manitoba Comic Con posters

Colouring John Byrne - Thanos vs the Avengers

Colouring Todd Nauck - more Wonder Girl goodness

Colouring Mike Machlan - The Thing and the Liberty Legion

Colouring Jerry Bingham - redone Marvel Two-In-One page

Colouring Frank Brunner - Dormammu's Trophy Wall

Colouring Anthony Castrillo - Hawkeye and the Scarlet Witch

Colouring Tom Morgan - two Iron Man pieces

Colouring Todd Nauck - Wonder Girl

Colouring Bob Layton - Invaders cover

Colouring Ed Benes - The women of the DCU

More 'Less Than Kind' artwork

'Less Thank Kind' TV show artwork