Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Armed Robot and Kaiju-Fighting Giant Robot

Kelsie and Emily really seem to work well together.

The photograph of Kelsie with the weapon was taken first - composing the piece, I realized that I needed a particular look for the background robot, one that I didn't have in my library. Fortunately, I was doing a shoot with Emily shortly after I began this composition, so we were able to put together that shot during the shoot. I like the scale created here between the two different types of robots.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Robot Angel and Dragon

For all that I used to draw dragons all the time, this is the first time I've included one into one of my robot paintings.

This is with the lovely Monique, which is why the robot is sporting a classic pin-up haircut. The question, of course, is why is she standing on a floating platform when she has wings. Well...I suppose... I dunno, it looked cool.

Prints of this piece are available for purchase at this link. Also, make sure to give my Facebook page a look.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Robot Mermaid In Space

...you know, I don't think there are a whole lot of paintings of robot space mermaids out there. So, here is one more.

I recently had a photo shoot with the lovely and talented Emily, one about robots, steampunk, James Bond, and jetpacks, and one concept we wanted to play with was mermaids. Like wings, I have yet to talk to a woman who doesn't want photos or paintings of herself as a mermaid. Of course, I put my own robotic spin on the whole thing here.

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Iron Man Space Armor Variant

It's been about a year since the last time I did an Iron Man painting, so I decided to do something about that this week.

It's fun to tinker with designs. In this case, I took the general premise for the Space Armour and tweaked it, giving it a more Marvel Movieverse look. And that is easily the most intense space background I have created thus far.

I can be commissioned for work like this through my website. More of my comic book based work can be seen at my Comic Art Fans gallery.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Two-Faced Robot Angel

This was something that Kelsie came up with, the idea of a robot showing two different personalities with two different colour schemes and visual styles.

I haven't done anything with the 'glass energy' style of robot for a while, so I thought it would be something fun to blend with the more 'organic' robot style I have played around with a bit. Plus it provides it's own light source, making it very easy to use two different colour schemes.

Prints of this piece are available for purchase at this link. Also, take a look at my Facebook page for more of my work and other goodies.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Painting Process: Lounging Robots

It's been a while since I've done one of these painting process posts. As with all of the others, these are painted in Photoshop, RGB, 12"x18", at 300dpi.

I started with two photos of Lisa, both shot on the same bed. In fact, that pattern on the bedspread is based on the one her own bed has, as I liked how it went with the Victorian/Steampunk theme I was playing with here. I developed the background from several different sources of Victorian-era homes.

Flat colour layers laid down for the first Lisa robot. Note that the colours I use for these flat layers will not generally reflect the final colour choices I end up painting with, but are just handy to keep the various layers separated visually.

Flat colour layers laid down for the second Lisa robot.

Flat colour layers created for the various background elements.

Background painted. I went with very warm tones, indicating sunrise coming through the windows.

Bedspread painted. This was pretty complex, but I love the rich red tones I ended up with.

Second Lisa robot painted. This is all pretty straightforward traditional-style painting here, with no use of filters or textures, just hand-rendered painting.

First Lisa robot painted.

Various lighting effects and polishing painted over the figures and overall piece, giving even more of a sense of sunrise spilling over the two figures.

The final piece can be seen (and prints purchased) at this link. Also, be sure to check out my work on my Facebook page, if you are so inclined.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Winged Robot On A Spaceship

A few months ago, I had decided that I wanted to focus more on steampunk-style robots in my paintings. What actually happened were more paintings of cyberpunk-style robots in space!

That's just how it goes, sometimes, when you are working on a project that is just following your own inspirations. Oh, there will be more steampunk robots coming (in fact, I'll be doing a photoshoot early next week based around that idea. Well, mostly.), but I'm also developing more and more work with a space setting, like this one I just finished with Luna.

Prints of this piece are available for purchase at this link. You can also follow me on Twitter and stuff.