Monday, July 28, 2014

Cyberpunk Painting 030

Something a bit darker. Well, physically anyway. Maybe not thematically.

There's something of a Bond-movie quality to this piece with Shlee and Kelsie.

Prints of this piece are available for purchase at this link.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Painting Process: Cyberpunk Painting 024

As with all of these painting process pieces, this was painted in RGB, 12"x18", at 300dpi in Photoshop.

This is the first piece that I've worked with Shlee on. As with some of the work with Emily, she has a tattoo that I wanted to incorporate into the final piece, although more as inspiration rather than literal translation. This comes in the form of a tattoo design in the centre of her chest that I decided to make into a gem in the final piece, and have built the illustration here around.

I wanted to make the sword she's carrying part of her body, connected to her in some way. Thus using the hair design as some sort of wiring, providing energy to the weapon.

Coming up with the basic wing design.

I knew when I first started drawing this out that she would be standing on a pedestal of some sort, so I went with it as being the top of a tower on a building. Thus, the rest of the city created around her.

Flat layers of the basic body and sword created.

Hair and wing layers created.

Background elements created and ready for painting.

Cityscape painted in. A little too uniform, but a good place to start. Added in rain and fog effects for depth, and going with a cooler colour palette, so the figure will be in warm tones.

Wings and sword painted in. There is some lighting on the wings to indicate that the sword will be a bit of a light source, but most of the lighting is from off-camera.

Hair, pedestal, and some metal modelling completed.

More metal modelling completed.

Figure painted. Most of the lighting matches the original photograph, but there is even more work showing the sword as a light source.

Lighting and energy effects added in, metal polishing completed, and the background tweaked some more.

Prints of this piece can be purchased at this link.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Painting Process: Cyberpunk Painting 023

Another blog about my painting process. As with all of these robot/cyberpunk/steampunk paintings, they are painted in RGB, 12"x18", at 300dpi.

I've got my assistant, Kelsie, sitting up on a couple of ammunition cases to get the correct scale for this piece, holding a baton, I believe. She is even wearing a gas mask and a bicycle helmet  to start the form for the head. The motorcycle itself is based on a couple of different WWII-era bikes, with some rather large liberties taken.

Basic flat layers created. Physically, the orange bike layers are 'below' both the robot layers and the green motorcycle layers. I tend to do this, grouping similar painting layers together, to paint the same plane at pretty much the same time.

Background painted in. I was going for another destroyed urban area, something post-apocalyptic. 

Rear motorcycle layers painted. The idea of the glowing green elements in the engine were thought out right at the initial stages of developing this piece.

Remaining motorcycle elements painted.

Robot layers painted.

Glowing elements lit up, metal and polish effects dropped in, and the background colour and fog/dust effects finished.

Prints of this piece can be viewed (and purchased) at this link.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cyberpunk Painting 029

Something new with Tara.

This piece started from not being able to decide between two photos of Tara to work I just used both. Sometimes, that's the decision-making process right there.

Prints of this piece are available for purchase at this link. Also, if you are a Twitter user, you can follow me here.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Motorcycle-Riding Robot Desktop Wallpaper

I've made a new desktop wallpaper of one of my robot paintings available for free download.

This is of the piece used on the cover of the program guide for Keycon 31, the convention this past May that I was the Artist Guest of Honour for, featuring my assistant Kelsie as a motorcycle-riding robot. The original piece can be seen (and prints of it purchased) at this link.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Steampunk Painting 002

Another new piece with Emily.

This is my first piece with any Zeppelins in it. Also, I haven't done anything with a Victorian-style city before, and her pose really asked for some sort of perching-over-the-city treatment, so here we are.

Prints of this piece are available for purchase at this link.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Painting Process: Cyberpunk Painting 022

In many ways, this is a painting about a tattoo.

The model, Emily, has this fantastic literary tattoo on her left shoulder, an amalgam of phrases from a variety of books. She had asked if this could appear in some of the pieces I did with her. I really do like incorporating ideas that the models bring to these pieces, and I had actually taken the reference photo of her to spotlight the tattoo itself, working with the lighting in order to be able to use the tattoo as a neon light source. 

I wanted to do something different with the wing pattern from most previous pieces, adding an additional source of propulsion. The circles indicate some sort of anti-gravity thruster placements. At this stage, I was debating as to whether those would also be light sources, or if they were simply turned off.

The setting is loosely based on some photos I had taken underneath a bridge, adding to the overall story of the world all this is taking place in being (at least mostly) destroyed.

Flat colours indicating the various layers for the metal pieces. As with the previous pieces, this is done in Photoshop, RGB, 12"x18", 300 dpi. 

Hair layers created.

Various layers created for the wings. I was still thinking about using the anti-gravity pods as light sources, hence the one continuous colour layer used for them.

Basic colour layers for the background dropped in.

Modelling completed on the background. There is clearly some sort of dust storm going on around this destroyed bridge.

Wings painted. Because I didn't want to take emphasis away from the tattoo pattern on the shoulder, I decided to drop the idea of using the anti-gravity pods as an additional light source, instead just having them reflect the off-camera light.

Hair painted.

Basic metal modelling completed. This illustrates how I prefer to do the initial painting of metal in shades of grey, tweaking and adjusting the colour later.

Metal colour tweaked to push it into cool tones, to contrast with the warm background. The tattoo pattern has been added in and lit up.

More fog and dust effects getting in amongst the girders to add a bit more depth, as well as final metal polishing and lighting effects added in.

Prints of this piece can be purchased at this link. Also, take a look at my Facebook page to see more work like this.